Getting Started in Genealogy

Are you interested in learning more about your family tree but don’t now where to start? This session introduces attendees to a variety of resources for successfully following the


Using Online Resources for Genealogy

The numbers of records available online grows by the day. Learn tips and tricks to help build your family tree from anywhere that you can access the internet. Explore the story of your ancestors in places near and far without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Tools & Techniques for Finding Family Online

Explore the unique challenges of finding lost relatives and discovering new ones on the internet using tried and true resources and techniques.


Connecting Cousins: Finding Living Relatives on the Internet

Whether looking for more information about a DNA match or a missing relative, or trying to find participants for a family reunion, the internet has a plethora of resources for today’s genealogist. This hands-on program invites attendees to bring their laptops and tablets. The speaker will guide participants through people finder websites, databases, searches, and using social media to locate individuals.


DNA & Your Family Tree

Have you heard about DNA testing for genealogy but aren’t sure which test is right for you? Learn about your options and how to maximize your results.


Do the Right Thing: Ethics & Standards in Genetic Genealogy

As we delve deeper into our family trees, we are likely to find secrets lurking. This session will review the Genetic Genealogy Standards and provide practical information about how to prepare for the unexpected.


Finding Fayette’s Father: Autosomal DNA Reveals Misattributed Parentage

Traditional documentation clearly identified Fayette’s father. However, the DNA results of her descendants told a different story. Learn how DNA evidence combined with a trail of clues revealed a secret from the summer of 1913.


Discovering Unknown Parents with DNA

DNA is a powerful tool to confirm a lineage for those who know their family history. For those who don’t, it can be life changing. Learn the most popular tools and techniques for assisting in adoption, unknown parent or grandparent, or misattributed parent situations.


Unleash the Power of DNA: Testing Family Members

Testing family members can be a powerful tool to break down brick walls. People commonly wonder whether they should test a sibling or a parent if they have tested themselves. The answer is an unwavering “Yes!” By testing additional family members, genealogists can often assign matching DNA to specific ancestors. This lecture will present case studies utilizing genetic genealogy methodologies to break down brick walls.


DNA Testing: What Am I Signing Up For? (Luncheon or Banquet presentation)

Consumer genetic testing is helping genealogists make great progress in their research but does everyone know what they are signing up for? Sort out fact from myth while exploring these important questions. What are the terms of service? Do people read them? Are companies selling your data? How are they protecting your data? What do I do about unexpected results?


Expecting the Unexpected: Surprises in Our DNA

DNA can unearth family secrets and create dilemmas for genealogists.  Eventually most genealogists encounter a situation where things do not match up like the paper trail says they should. A little bit of advance preparation can go a long way. Join us as we explore some ideas to assist with being prepared and responding to unanticipated DNA results.


DNA & Your Revolutionary Ancestors

Just how useful can DNA be in researching our Revolutionary ancestors? Are there reliable DNA uses in lineage research as suggested by new lineage society guidelines? Explore the DNA footprint of a boy who was kidnapped and escaped to enlist and fight in the Revolutionary War under General Washington.


What Would You Do? Ethical Dilemmas in Genetic Genealogy

This discussion-based presentation is great for groups. Discuss real life situations and explore various ways to approach tough problems that impact living people.


After the Test: Exploring AncestryDNA Results

Your DNA test results are in but now what? Many people take DNA tests but once the results come in, they don’t know what to do with all of the names and numbers. This hands-on workshop will explore the information provided in AncestryDNA results, explore methods to manipulate the results, and introduce third-party tools that turn DNA into a powerful tool for genealogy. We will also discuss the most successful methods for contacting and collaborating with DNA matches.


Ask the Genealogist: Workshop

Participants bring their own genealogical questions to this fun and educational workshop and learn how a professional genealogist would approach the problem.


Footnotes and Margins and Tables, Oh My! Microsoft Office for Genealogy

Do you struggle with setting margins and adding page numbers? Do your footnotes automatically renumber themselves when you add new ones? If you want to know how to use MS Office to power up your genealogical reports and documents, this session is for you!


Connecticut’s Genealogical Repositories

Connecticut holds many gems for family history researchers. Learn the ins and outs to help you prepare for on-site research in the Nutmeg State.