COOKIES!  One of my favorite subjects.  My mom is a phenomenal baker.  I’m not so bad myself.  I think my mom learned it from her mom who learned it from her mom and probably on back until the beginning of time, with the rise of the first baker somewhere along one of those haplogroup splits.  Whether cookie baking skills develop by nature, nurture, or a little bit of both we will probably never know.  The important thing to know is that some serious cookie baking goes on in this house!

We had a little bit of an “incident” last year during cookie season.  While making the obligatory peanut butter blossoms that are my teenager’s favorite, I started feeling a bit sick.  My husband, being the saint that he is, offered to clean up and told me to go rest.  My youngest daughter apparently helped (eat the cookies, that is) and later came to kiss me.  Right where she had kissed me, my eye swelled up!  A couple of doctor visits later, I was confirmed for a bunch of new allergies, including peanuts, almonds, pecans, and coconut.

What does this mean for the future of cookie baking at my house? It means I am in search of some yummy new nut-free recipes.

What’s your favorite?  Please share!

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