Since I already talked about Christmas shopping for the “gifts” prompt, I think I’ll take this opportunity for something a little bit different.  I want to say what a great husband I have.  Not only is he a great bargain shopper, but he loves to try to provide our family with the things that we want and always the things that we need.  Yesterday I thanked him for spoiling me so much.  He said it’s because I’m his princess and I deserve it.  That’s pretty great.  He works hard day in and day out so that our four kids and I can be spoiled.  We love him and appreciate everything that he does for us.  I hope that he feels spoiled sometimes, too.

During this holiday season, remember to take the time to stop and smell the roses.  Shopping is fun and gifts are great, but there’s nothing like family and love.

All of my shopping is done except for one woman from the women’s shelter.  I’m still waiting for a call back to find out what she likes.  I hope they call soon!  The stores are going to be a mob scene this week!

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