As we’ve already discussed, things have been changing and Santa has been modernizing some of the ways that he handles things.  One of these new programs includes the implementation of an army of spies dubbed Elf on the Shelf.  These little elves arrive at some point after Thanksgiving and begin relaying information to Santa.  By day they watch everything that goes on at their assigned posts and then at night, while the children are sleeping, they report back to the North Pole.  Sometimes they move to new locations when they return.  Sometimes they do not.  On rare occasions, they do not return at all.  If this happens, you know you’ve got problems.

Last year an elf came to our family on December 1st.  His name is Jingle Bell and he has brown hair, blue eyes, and a cute red suit.  He reminds me very much of the elves that my grandma had on her tree.  I suspect they were some of his ancestors.  I wish I could get Jingle Bell to open up for a cheek swab to see if I could find him a Y-DNA match but so far he has not been cooperative.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out if all of our elves are related?!  It’s a great time of year considering that Family Tree DNA has a sale going on.  Imagine all the new SNPs that might be discovered during a Walk Through the Y for one of these little guys!

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