You won’t find any figgy pudding at my family celebrations.  You might find some fruitcakes, but they won’t be the edible kind!

Growing up, we enjoyed the typical kinds of holiday meals like turkey, roast beef, or ham.

Fast forward.  I’m the adult.  I have the biggest house and do the entertaining.  I am a vegetarian.  Never fear!  I have come up with a solution for my carnivorous husband and all of my cousins.  Surf and turf!

The men can huddle (in the snow or not) around my grill outside and cook steaks and boil the lobsters on the side burner.  I can make some baked potatoes and a nice vegetarian lasagna, serve some rolls, and put my efforts into setting a festive holiday table.

While only in its second year, i think this tradition will be one that hangs around for a while!


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