Each year around 5pm on Christmas Day we went to Aunt Bobbie’s house, which was about five miles from our house.  It wasn’t far, but it’s the only travel we did for Christmas.

Aunt Bobbie, my paternal grandmother’s sister, was one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever known.  She had such a big heart and a place in it for everyone.  She left her Christmas tree up year round downstairs in the family room where we all gathered during the holidays.  Aunt Bobbie was my paternal grandmother’s sister and this was one of the few opportunities we had each year to see people from my father’s family.

Aunt Bobbie has been gone for more than two years now and she is definitely missed.  She was a shining star.

Jeanne Louise Smith Armstrong, Myrtle Dugan Smith, Barbara "Bobbie" Smith Roth

Pictured above are my paternal grandmother, great grandmother, and great aunt together on Christmas sometime between 1980-1984.  I believe this is the only picture I have of my great grandmother.  When we were little we called her Great Grandma but now we refer to her as Granny Smith.  A sweet name for a sweet lady.


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