The Christmas tree was so important in our house as a child that we even had a special “nook” for it!  Throughout the rest of the year, the spot remained empty except for the occasional winter when a sewing machine would occupy the space if the sewing porch got too cold.  It was this way before I was there, as shown in this picture from 1969.

I don’t recall how the tree found its way to our house but once it arrived, my grandpa would put the lights on.  This happened at his leisure, and we were not to bother him about it!  Magically, on Christmas Eve, Santa decorated the tree.  My mother said that this is how it worked when she was a wee one, too.  Perhaps it was because there were less children in the world and Santa had time to do all of that.


We have learned to manage the tree decoration as a family in December since Santa no longer offers the full decoration service on Christmas Eve.  This works out fine for us.  We are not perfectionists.  As long as everything is upright and safe, we’re happy!  Last year we switched over to the energy saving lights and they take some getting used to visually, but the electric bill proved that it’s the smart choice!


The tree selection – oh, yes.  This is the important part!  Sometimes we cut the tree by ourselves or sometimes we get one that’s already been cut at a local farm.  The selection of the perfect tree is a family effort.  Yesterday the three youngest children and I made this year’s choice and it sure is beautiful!  We picked out a 12 foot Fraser Fir from Coward Farm in Southwick, Massachusetts.

My mom just called.  Guess what the first thing she asked was?

“Did you get your tree yet?”



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