Most who know me know that I thrive on learning new things. I finished my MBA with a concentration in Project Management in 2006 and took a few years off before completing the Boston University Genealogical Certificate Program in December 2012 and ProGen Study Group in February 2013. During the ProGen 13 course, I was required to write an education plan. I haven’t been writing them formally since then, but I thought it might be fun to lay it out in writing for the year and perhaps others might benefit from learning about some educational opportunities in the genealogy field.

Boston University Advanced Forensic Genealogy GEN222 – I have heard great things about this course from a few friends who have attended. The course description states, “This course not only presents the practical and theoretical aspects of conducting a commercial practice in forensic genealogy, it also offers instruction on creative elements essential to successful casework. By working through actual case studies, students will learn innovative ways to conduct the investigative process by locating sources of information, analyzing data, and reporting findings.” I have two prerequisite homework assignments to complete before the course in August and I plan to make the most of them! What could be better than a week in Boston? I really wanted to take the Family History Writing course being offered. Decisions, decisions!

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Advanced Genealogical Methods Track 9 – This course is a must do for all serious genealogists! The course description states, “The course will address advanced use of evidence from a variety of genealogical records and research in populations for which the usual records are in short supply (including female, enslaved, and impoverished ancestors). Students also will learn how to develop written proof summaries to show their conclusions’ accuracy and create a credible record of their findings for present and future generations of family historians.” I had a list of three classes I would have loved to take at this institute. I’ll have to keep it on the schedule for a few years, I guess.

Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy “Forensic Genealogy Master Practicum” – This is a new format being offered this year in response to requests for hands-on learning opportunities in Forensic Genealogy. Each year, the institute will rotate its offerings. I’m really looking forward to what may be offered in future years! For those looking for an Advanced Genetic Genealogy and Unknown Parentage course, this is the only in-person course of its type. The advanced courses will rotate so don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

What is in your genealogy education plan?

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