The Engineering team at Family Tree DNA has been busy preparing some new settings and features for us. Over the past week or two, there had been some question among admins about pricing on the Y-DNA25 test. It has been adjusted to put it inline with other tests. A SNP search feature has been added on the Haplotree page. Also, there are new myOrigins cluster names. Many will be happy to hear that Deep Clade Extended SNP results have been restored.

Here are today’s release notes:

1. Added a privacy setting that will allow a user to opt out of Big Y matching. By default, matching is enabled. If someone opts out of matching they will not be able to see Big Y matches and other users will not see them. The opt in/out setting is located in the myFTDNA Account Settings page, under the “Match and E-mail settings” tab. Here is the setting:

image 1

​2. Updated the retail price for Y-DNA25 from $229 to $109. This will put it in line with our other Y-DNA product prices. Upgrade prices were also edited accordingly.

3. Created a SNP search feature on the Haplotree page to aid users in locating a SNP of interest. It is located at the top right side of the Haplotree page. The page will scroll down to the SNP being searched for and highlighted it with a yellow bar. Even SNPs buried in the “More…” pop up will be searched! Here is a pic of the search bar:

image 2

and here is what a successful search looks like:

image 3

4. We restored Deep Clade Extended SNP results. These results had disappeared from customer’s pages and will now be back.
5. We removed and are preventing a Y-DNA haplogroup badge from Y33 and Y46 transfers. A haplogroup prediction is not a part of the product description. The transfer and upgrade products will still get a haplogroup prediction.
6. The myOrigin cluster names are being changed to be more familiar and recognizable names. A temporary banner has also been added to the myOrigins page informing users of this change and offering a link to the Learn center containing information about these changes. Here is the banner that is shown and the link if you would like to read more.

image 4

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