IMG_0162Katherine Borges opened the day with the International Society of Genetic Genealogy meeting. Katherine shared about the founding of ISOGG and its mission. In 2002, the Y-Chromosome Consortium wanted to come up with a standardization for the Y tree. ISOGG later began maintaining a Y-Tree at the request of Dick Kenyon and Alice Fairhurst. Alice has done much of the work to maintain the list since inception. There are now more than 50 citations of the ISOGG tree in academic papers. Katherine mentioned the ISOGG wiki, which is contributed to by members. You can have a website for your DNA project within the wiki. Be sure to check out what others have done. Another popular page on the wiki is the DNA Comparison charts page. One of the newer things that moved on to the ISOGG site last year is Thomas Krahn’s chromosome browser. There is a private ISOGG – Admin Yahoo group for administrators only and posts within the list may not be posted outside of the list. There is also an ISOGG – DNA Newbie Yahoo Group that all people may join. There are currently 3,281 subscribers and it is a very busy list!  There is also an ISOGG Facebook Group. This is a closed group but it is not limited to ISOGG members. Anyone who is a real person and not a spammer can join. ISOGG has a presence at many conferences in London, California, Glasgow, and Dublin, where they assist with DNA testing and education. ISOGG also does advocacy. Katherine, along with others, have been working hard on behalf of consumers.


Katherine then presented plaques to Bennett and Max in appreciation for starting the business that supports project administrators. Lots of applause ensued. Thank you Max and Bennett!





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